Settling In

It’s about time I updated everyone on life in New Hampshire. We’ve been here for almost four weeks and feel a little more settled with each passing day. While we miss our friends and family in Florida very much, we are really enjoying our new home. 

I’m in love with the scenery and wildlife up here. Spring is in full bloom and it’s gorgeous. Some of the trees were still bare when we arrived, but over the weeks we’ve had the privilege of watching them burst to life with new leaves and blossoms. There are tulips and daffodils and tons of flowers that I don’t recognize. A thousand different shades of green (my favorite color!). Happy birds that never stop singing. Fat squirrels, adorable chipmunks, shy groundhogs. And porcupines! And don’t even get me started on the hills and mountains and rocks… I don’t miss the flat, sandy terrain of Florida one bit. 

There are lots of small parks within a 10 minute drive from our apartment, which makes it so easy to get outside and enjoy nature. Go just a little bit further and there are larger parks and hiking trails that take you deep into the woods. I’m so excited to explore the trails on horseback and on foot. We moved here at the best time for outdoor activities and adventures!

While Buddy can’t handle long hikes and lots of hills, he does enjoy going on the short hikes with us. He’s been to Mine Falls Park several times now. He managed a 1.5 mile walk last week, something he couldn’t do in Florida. I think the cooler weather is a big factor in that. He seems to have a little more energy. And best of all, his skin/stress issues have disappeared. In Florida, he had to wear a cone frequently so he wouldn’t chew on himself (usually from stress, when he was alone). He hasn’t needed his cone once up here, even when he’s been by himself for several hours. No scratching or chewing at all! Happy dog, happy human.

Also, Rydell has settled into his new home very well. He has three horsey friends (plus two goats, two ducks, and three dogs). His barn is gorgeous, and the owner, Amy, is awesome. I know he’s in great hands with her. She’s taken us on several trail rides, and every time we ride, I’m amazed at the beauty and vastness of their trail system. You can ride for days and not cross the same path twice. Trail riders heaven! We’re slowly working Rydell up to longer and more vigorous rides. The hills are quite a workout for this little Florida horse.

When I haven’t been exploring or riding, I’ve been hard at work on the business. Moving has given me a lot of new ideas and inspiration. I’m improving and fine-tuning several things behind the scenes to give clients the best experience possible. Some of these changes will be visible over the coming weeks, so be on the lookout and let me know what you think!

Moving from Florida to New Hampshire is a huge life change. It’s not easy to pack your bags, say goodbye to your dearest friends and family, and start over 1300 miles away. There’s a lot that we love about New England, like the nature and wildlife, the charm, the history, the people, the food. But there are a few things that definitely take some getting used to, like the unpredictable weather (don’t trust the forecast), noisy neighbors, and the sun shining through our bedroom windows at 5:30am. No matter how uncomfortable some of the changes may be, I do not want to complain. Handling change gracefully hasn’t always been my strong suit, but I’m learning how to acknowledge the differences without being negative or ungrateful. I’m tremendously thankful for how God has orchestrated everything so flawlessly in this move. He has taken care of us so well, every step of the way. There’s no reason for anxiety or negativity or complaining. I get to share this awesome new adventure with my best friend and husband (TJ and I just celebrated our one year anniversary on April 29th!), my sweet old Buddy, and my fantastic equine trail partner. I couldn’t ask for anything better. 

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This shot of the Budman was taken in our apartment complex, but it looks like we’re in the woods. I love it!

New England dog photographyNew England dog photography

Buddy isn’t a water dog at all, but he didn’t mind getting his toes wet at Mine Falls Park. 

New England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photography

Rydell is settling in very well. He’s looking so shiny and he’s building good muscle from our trail rides!

New England dog photography

New England dog photography

Can’t get enough of the flowers… So beautiful. 

New England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photographyNew England dog photography

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