As a fellow animal lover and pet parent, I know that no matter how you adventure, there’s no substitute for time spent with your pet. And that’s why Emilee Miller Photography is here, to celebrate the bond and adventures we share with our very best friends, our pets.

I want each and every client and fur kid that I work with to have an amazing experience. Each session is tailored to you and your pet’s particular needs and lifestyle—your own special kind of adventure. So, if you love to get lost in the woods, we’ll go for a hike and create lasting memories on (or off) the trail. If you have a couch potato (like my Buddy was), we’ll stay close to home and take it easy. Let’s capture what you and your pet love to do together, what you want to remember forever.

Sessions start at $250 and include a pre-planning consultation, up to two hours of photography on location, meticulous editing of the very best images, and an artwork consultation to review your images and choose products. 

I accept a limited number of clients per month, so each of you get my full attention, energy, and excellent service. Clients typically invest $800-3000 in their session and artwork. Please reach out for more detailed information, I’d love to learn more about you and your best friend and plan your one-of-a-kind photography adventure.

Travel is available throughout all of central and southwest Florida. 


Discs, thumb drives, and today's technology will become obsolete before we know it, which is why finished, tangible artwork is so important. I offer a variety of high-end, beautiful options for preserving and showcasing your memories. Whether you want to put your images on the wall or the coffee table, there's something for everyone. I also understand that, while technology is ever-changing, it's still important to have digital images to share and show off on social media, so I offer digital collections as well. Get in touch to find out more about custom artwork and schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never had your pet photographed before, you probably have a few questions. Here are the most common questions and answers. Please reach out if you have a question that isn't answered below, I'd love to chat!

My pet is shy/hyper/etc, can you still photograph him?

Absolutely! I understand that every animal is an individual, and each session is tailored to your pet's particular personality and needs. I will never force an animal to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, nervous, or unsafe. I've worked with a vast range of pets over the years--from the super timid to the insanely energetic. We'll go over your pet's specific behavior and needs in your pre-planning consultation, and when it's time for your session, we'll take the time it takes to make sure your fur kid is comfortable, happy, and engaged. 

My dog can’t be off-leash, how will that work?

When my Buddy was younger, he wasn't very trustworthy off-leash, so I totally get it. Your pet's safety is a top priority. Unless you are completely confident in your dog's off-leash obedience and recall, we will keep the leash on at all times. Don't worry about this limiting what we can do or where we can go. The leash will be edited out of all final images, so no one will ever know it was there.

My pet doesn’t have much time left, can you fit us in?

Yes. Senior pets hold a special place in my heart. If you have an older or terminally ill pet, I will work you in immediately so we don't waste any time. And if your pet isn't up for a full-length session, we'll accomodate his needs with a short and sweet session just for seniors and sick pets. Contact me to learn more.

Can I be in the photos with my pet?

Of course! I love to capture the bond between pets and their people. It's such an amazing relationship. I know that it's not easy for a lot of people to be in front of the camera (myself included), but I believe it's important to have a few images with your pet. Years from now, you'll look back at these images and remember the special moments you shared with your favorite companion.